About the Creator of The After Bash

I don’t think I’ve ever been like everyone else. From my earliest memories, I was always talking to “imaginary” friends and finding ways to help someone who needed an extra boost. In Campfire Girls I was given a Native American name meaning “Little Mother” because the leader was always finding me hanging out with the girls who needed encouragement.

Today I use these same gifts to help others find peace in life by dealing with their fear of death. It’s still one of the top ten fears in the American culture; yet, it is inevitable. When we cling to fear and grief we miss out on all the opportunities to live. We are alive until we are dead, yet we don’t always see it that way. Living in fear of the future keeps us from living in the present moment.

I am a psychic medium, writer, bereavement counselor, and life coach. My tools are unique in that I might use tarot cards for one client while another might benefit more from counseling or classes. I offer workshops on all aspects of dying; however, my favorite is life story writing. I have sat with the dying and laughed with the living. My sense of humor shows in everything I do, as you can tell by the URL of this site.

You’ll learn more about me by reading my blog posts and I’d love to help you navigate through difficult times.