My Motivation

I have had many opportunities to spend time with the dying, beginning with my grandfather. I remember very little about his illness other than discovering he could no longer tell his seven-year-old granddaughter stories and I was often chased away before I could wear him out. I do remember his death. The night he died he came to see me in the early morning hours to tell me I had a special purpose. It would require a good deal of wisdom and I would be much older before I realized what I needed to do. Eventually, my long winding life path led me here to help others learn to embrace death so they could embrace life.

Although I’ve had many experiences that might have led me down other paths I always seem to end up helping someone find their way to a death that enables them to face life head on then embrace the new adventure.

As a writer, counselor, ordained minister and life coach I am here now to help others embrace dying so they might live.

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