Intergenerational Trauma

I am currently working on a talk about intergenerational trauma. Simply put, what occurs as a traumatic event in one generation will be passed along to the next. This results in DNA abnormalities and leaves the next generation at risk for diseases and mental health problems. The only way to fix intergenerational trauma is for someone in that line of hurt to deal openly and honestly with the past trauma. Once that’s done, it acts as a buffer for the next generation, creating a lineage that is healthier, both physically and mentally.

I’ve seen all the memes of the Millennials who blame their current situations on the Boomers, and they aren’t wrong in that what they are dealing with was passed down to them. However, generational trauma was also passed to the Boomers by the generations that preceded them. What is happening now is that the Millennials are openly acknowledging the trauma they’ve inherited. While this is also creating friction with the Boomers, some of whom refer to them as entitled and “whiny” it needs to be acknowledged that their generation is currently at the place of openly dealing with the trauma and, thus, healing will occur with the generation after them. When you see the huge numbers of Gen Z walking out of schools and asserting their rights, you know that they are laying claim to the healing that is theirs.

Spiritually speaking, generational healing can not only heal the generations coming, but it can also act as a way to heal the ancestors to the current generations. If we believe we are all part of a larger universe, then when we heal, we are also healing the Universe. As a result, we can save ourselves from self-destruction.

What happens on a generational level can also work on a personal level. When you work to overcome the damage done to you by your parents, you pass along to your children a more stable, healthy existence.

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