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Ukraine and Soul Mates

So many of us have been struggling this past week with the turmoil happening in Ukraine. I think it’s important that we remember that the Russian citizens are not responsible for what’s going on. Putin lied to them and sent young men, most only 19 or 20 years old on a mission that they did not comprehend. Thankfully, Anonymous has been actively hacking their government websites and sending out the truth to the people. Those who have been detained are allowed to call their families. These soldiers are telling them they have been treated better as prisoners than they ever were in their own country. These messages of truth and the gentle methods of Ukrainian captors will surely create a way for the Russian citizens to revolt against their dictator and demand peace.

All over the world people are sending messages of support and strength to Ukraine through the gift of daisies. They are bright reminders of hope, innocence, and purity.

I feel more connected than ever to Ukraine. My mother’s ancestors came from Odesa, and I remember reading a book with her toward the end of her life as we learned more about our heritage and the land in which German immigrants once arrived to teach the Ukrainians how to farm.

Daisies connect me to them in yet another way. My best friend and soulmate, Dusty, loved them. She had them everywhere in her life and sent them to me after her death. I have called upon those who have passed on to rise and protect Ukraine during this time and I believe those daisies have called on her for her protection. I see in those daisies, my heritage and the one person with whom I connected so strongly we became one.

I also remember that this is a time when darkness is exposed so we can move on to a new earth and a peaceful existence across the world. Whatever comes, love will always be more powerful than hate. Look for love and kindness. The dark only thrives when we give up our power to it.


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