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Combatting Religious Trauma

Image by amurca from Pixabay

Today I want to talk about religious trauma. Given that our society is trying to move toward a Christian based Oligarchy this is likely to be the most common type of trauma experienced by the children of today. Their parents are taking them to churches where they are threatened with Hell if they don’t worship God and Jesus. As someone who has experienced religious trauma, I can tell you it’s incredibly difficult to move on from. There is so much shame and guilt woven into the very fabric of the church and a child only knows the world from the perspective of those who teach them. Often, when victims of religious trauma grow up, they still have these feelings and aren’t sure what to do with them. There’s still that lingering question in the back of their mind that they will be sent to Hell and punished for sins. Sadly, these sins are labeled by the heads of the churches and solely based upon their opinion.

These sins are now being translated into the political agenda. The laws being considered against abortion and trans children are not about obeying God. The Bible clearly states in Genesis 2:7 that life begins with the first breath.

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

My intention for today is not to speak out on individual political issues, however, but to demonstrate how the teaching of the Christian church is infiltrating our political climate, thus creating an entire generation with the task of transcending religious trauma.

I am currently working on a curriculum that will address religious trauma which will be available on this site in the future. If you believe you suffer from the effects of religious trauma, I invite you to sign up and take this journey with me.

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