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Defining Spiritual Warfare

I believe the vast majority of the population has a skewed view of what spiritual warfare actually is, since the very term connotes a winner and a loser. So, let me state right away that it is not about the light overcoming the dark or good triumphing over evil. It is actually about the dark night of the soul and finding a way to internally join both sides of our personality. And it’s about how the healing we do within will affect the healing of the collective.

When Jesus went into the desert to combat Satan, he was not taking on an entity outside himself. He was going through a period of learning to acknowledge those parts of himself that were considered negative and integrate them with the parts of himself that were good. He was finding a way to use his inclination to destroy what was wrong in the world in conjunction with his strong desire to heal the world. Both sides needed to be joined in order for him to discern a situation in which he could make a difference from a situation in which he needed to walk away and be at peace with that decision. Especially in situations where he could see what was needed but the people present were not ready to hear what he had to say. I imagine he felt real anguish at those times.

There have been many ascended masters throughout history, and not one of them was born in that role. They each found a way to rise above the trauma that haunted them and integrate the lessons into a deep wisdom they then taught to others. This is the way of transcendence.

Shamans and healers were not only consulted in ancient times and cultures for their connection to other worlds or dimensions. They were consulted because of their wisdom. Their ability to see both sides of every issue and intuit which direction would better serve the person in their journey. And so, warriors were often sent on a long, arduous journey that took them through dangerous situations to enable them to become strong leaders. It was this ability to integrate that gave them more access to the spiritual planes. 

Occasionally, one of these shamans would get caught up in their own ego and embrace the spiritual dark side. They would then manipulate their followers and do things to harm them, simply in the interest of feeling their own power. This is happening more in the spiritual world of today as those with narcissistic traits seek to bring in followers who are still too early in their journey of healing to distinguish what is ego from what is spirit. As a result, those light-workers who only speak in the light can be just as toxic as the coworker who constantly humiliates you. A spiritual healer must be able to balance light and dark. 

The new energy coming in demands this integration of self in order to move forward and not get stuck in a Karma cycle. Because we can no longer create a joined universe of peace and harmony while we are still in a win-lose and war mindset, we must heal within before we can help the world around us heal. There is no other way.

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