Meet Beth Ferree

Estella “Beth” Ferree is a published writer, ordained minister, and certified in both life coaching and bereavement counseling. She is currently working on certification in general counseling and autobiographical writing. Beth has also served as a lead crisis counselor for a phone-in crisis center, and is currently President of the Board for her local Unitarian Universalist Church in Dallas, Texas. Before the pandemic created a need for her to focus on leadership, she taught workshops in death and dying, writing legacies, and genealogical research.

Beth learned transcendence the hard way. She experienced trauma herself and found ways to overcome her past through writing, arts and crafts and using her inborn skills as an empath and psychic medium. She has developed methods that helped her along her journey and now offers this wisdom to others. Beth has taken tools from both psychology and spirituality to create a balanced life.